Ithaquack is a Greek City and the Home of King Homer and Queen Ariel. Scrooge McDuck and his nephews are sent by a giant twister to the time of Odysseus where they meet King Homer on his ship, and after many dangers in the sea, Scrooge and Homer face Circe but are turned in pigs with her Magic Medallion. Sometime later, the nephews arrived in Circe’s lair to take her Medallion and destroy it in. The broken medallion turns Scrooge, King Homer, and Queen Ariel back to normal, and Circe is herself turned in a pig. The giant twister appears again and sends Scrooge and his nephews back in their time.

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Istandupp is a country in the Middle East.


Istandupp is a country, located on the Black Sea. Scrooge McDuck has miscellaneous dealings with Istandupp, importing Persian carpet from there and having a vacation home there. Moby Duck once delivered boxes full of the scent of Scrooge’s money to him there, because he was homesick but too cheap to go home until the cheaper winter rates kicked in.

Behind the scenes

Istandupp first appeared in 1968 in Mysterious Cargo to Istandupp’. Its name is a pun on the city of Istanbul.

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Iceland is an island country in the North Atlantic Ocean that was featured in “A Viking at My Door!“.


In “A Viking at My Door!“, Scrooge and Della took a frozen Donald to Iceland on a boat after they saved a viking village.


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Glomgold’s Money Bin

Glomgold’s Money Bin is a building located in the Limpopo Valley.

Flintheart Glomgold‘s Money Bin is almost just like Scrooge‘s, which has nearly identical architecture, although the lawn on Glomgold’s hill is decorated and there is a Pound sign on the wall of the Bin rather than a Dollar sign as on Scrooge’s. The Bin is also full of traps, much like Scrooge’s Bin is.

Glomgold’s Money Bin was first seen in The Second-Richest Duck in 1956.

Fairy Realm

The Fairy Realm is a magical pocket universe created from the 2017 Continuum.

In the 15th century, when the King James II of the 2017 Continuum banned golf due to the foul temper of Sir Donald McDuck, a guild of druids from Moorshire, who had grown fond of the sport, created a magical pocket universe serving as an arduous mystical golf course, allowing them to keep playing unhindered by the mundane monarch’s laws.

The result is a strange ”fairy realm“ resembling a twisted, pastel-colored version of Scottish countryside, populated by immortal magical creatures serving as living obstacles (including kelpies and a treant). The Realm can be entered through a mystical stone circle, and the players are only sent back to their home dimension if they complete the golf course. There is also a time limit: petrifying mists follow the players throughout their game, turning them to stone if they’re too slow. The effects are reversible in the short term but can prove fatal if the victims stay petrified for too long.

One of the Realm’s golf hole lets out a blast of blue energy after the blue golf ball has entered it.

The course can only be played using two mystical golf balls that radiate electricity-like energy (which was of no consequence to the Druids, who used wooden clubs, but has proven dangerous to metal-wielding modern players). When kicked into a hole, they will emit a blast of upwards energy indicating that the hole has indeed been completed.

Castle Moorshire
Castle Moorshire in 2017.

The final hole in the course, surrounded by the stone remains of the many unlucky players who completed the rest of the challenge but were too slow for the Mists of Moorshire, lies among the ruins of a large looming castle adorned with many statues and gargoyles. It is unclear if Castle Moorshire was always designed as a set of looming ruins (for “atmosphere”), or if it was once a genuine palace, home to the Druids, but became derelict over the centuries.

List of Inhabitants

List of Visitors


The Island of Erinia is a mysterious Greek island.



In 1981, Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck visited Erinia in search of the Cornucopia. They found it to be inhabited by a small community of peaceful mythological creatures (most notably centaurs, nymphs, and satyrs), ruled by the nymph Brigitis, who had once used the Horn of Plenty as their sole source of food, and were in danger of starvation ever since the horn had been stolen by a barbaric giant (the only of his kind on the island as far as the ducks could tell).

Scrooge was able to retake the Horn for them, but Brigitis then revealed that she had sworn to marry the hero who would retake the Horn. Rather not keen on marrying this complete stranger, Scrooge ran away, losing all the jewels he had gained from the Horn, and he was never able to prove that Erinia’s fantastical inhabitants were real (which Donald Duck, for instance, refused to believe).


Behind the scenes

The Island of Erinia, or ‘Rineia’, is a real location, and is, in real life, well-known albeit uninhabited.


Duckburg Business School

The Duckburg Business School was an institution from Duckburg.



This business school (containing, among other things, a large safe, and a number of attractive female students) fell prey to a freak fire in 1963. The Volunteer Fire Department intervened, Scrooge McDuck among them, and all were saved (safe included, Scrooge has made sure of that with his usual priorities). It is unknown if it was rebuilt.


Behind the scenes

The School appears in the 1963 one-pager A Helper’s Helping Hand.



Type of building

School building

Date of building

(prior to 1963)
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Temple of the Golden Cricket

The Temple of the Golden Cricket is a location in China. As the name implies, it houses the Golden Cricket.



Scrooge McDuck and his family visited the temple in “The House of the Lucky Gander!” in order to view the Golden Cricket and possibly learn the secrets of the universe and other profound questions. However, they decided that it was simply too boring to be worth it and left very quickly.



The temple is fairly large, traditionally Chinese styled temple with what appears to be dark green tiling and a grayish blue brickwork. The inside of the temple is mostly unseen but it appears to have the same colored bricks.



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