Brutopia is a country aiming for world domination   Official Information Government Dictatorship Officials Bruto Castrova Language(s) Brutopian Capital Brutopia City Description Brutopia is a country aiming for world domination. They have often come up against Scrooge McDuck during these attempts. In 1957, they tried to steal the element Bombastiumfrom Scrooge to use it for nuclear weapons. In 1965, […]


Atlantis is the 2017 Continuum version of the city of the same name. Description  Atlantis is the famous and mysterious sunken city off the coast of the Drake Barrier Reef. The entire population of the city either abandoning it or perishing with its collapse, Atlantis is a lost city with great treasure. History Rise and fall The Atlanteans were an advanced […]

Killmotor Hill

Killmotor Hill is a large hill in Duckburg where Scrooge‘s Money Bin is built.   History It was formerly the location of Fort Duckburg until Scrooge built his Bin there instead. Killmotor Hill was formerly known as Killmule Hill. When Scrooge McDuck first came to Duckburg with his sisters, they drove up the hill and their car broke down, causing Elvira and Humperdink Duck to rename […]


Afghoristan Afghoristan is a foreign country. Description Presumably located somewhere near Afghanistan, Afghoristan is an obscure country where Scrooge McDuck owns some ruby mines. In 1962, he traveled to Afghoristan in order to inspect said mines. Behind the scenes Afghoristan was only ever seen in the 1962 story Having a Panic. Though the name likely implies Afghoristan is a whimsical […]

The Money Bin

The Money Bin is a large storage building where Scrooge McDuckhouses his three cubic acres of cash. Scrooge has a great affection for his money, and his favorite hobby is to dive and swim around in the money in his bin. The building and the surrounding lot are full of booby traps, burglar alarms and other contraptions to […]