Istandupp is a country in the Middle East. Description Istandupp is a country, located on the Black Sea. Scrooge McDuck has miscellaneous dealings with Istandupp, importing Persian carpet from there and having a vacation home there. Moby Duck once delivered boxes full of the scent of Scrooge’s money to him there, because he was homesick but too cheap to go […]

Fairy Realm

The Fairy Realm is a magical pocket universe created from the 2017 Continuum. In the 15th century, when the King James II of the 2017 Continuum banned golf due to the foul temper of Sir Donald McDuck, a guild of druids from Moorshire, who had grown fond of the sport, created a magical pocket universe serving as an arduous mystical golf course, allowing them to […]


The Island of Erinia is a mysterious Greek island.   Description In 1981, Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck visited Erinia in search of the Cornucopia. They found it to be inhabited by a small community of peaceful mythological creatures (most notably centaurs, nymphs, and satyrs), ruled by the nymph Brigitis, who had once used the Horn of Plenty as […]

Cottage McDuck

Cottage McDuck is Scrooge McDuck‘s childhood home in Scotland. Scrooge grew up in the cottage and lived there with his penniless farmer parents, McPapa and McMama. (“Once Upon a Dime“) Later Scrooge moved into the beautiful McDuck Manor. Many years later, in the present, Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webbigail visit the now dilapidated Cottage McDuck. (“The Curse of Castle McDuck“)   […]